About us:

Saleem Caravan Construction and Road Company established as an Afghan-Owned business in 2000, Saleem Caravan Construction and Road Company continues contributing to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Saleem Caravan long-term strategy and commitment ensure that all projects are adapted to our clients’ requirements and completed safely with the highest standard of quality.

Saleem Caravan provides best value solutions at competitive prices by offering a blend of experienced personnel, extensive past performance, and a financial strength that no other Afghan contractor possesses. Additionally, Saleem Caravan corporate reach-back capabilities provide direct access to a depth and breadth of resources, both locally and internationally, enhancing the company’s capabilities.

Saleem Caravan’s organizational structure, corporate governance, and commitment to the people of Afghanistan, ensure successfully executed projects creating long-term investments versus a short-sighted, profit-driven mentality. Because of our management approach, impeccable safety record, and historic accomplishments, Saleem Caravan is regarded as one of the most reliable and proficient Company in Afghanistan.

Ultimately, Saleem Caravan’s objective is to advance the best interests of the clients’ needs while simultaneously supporting the development of a self-sufficient Afghan society. We find this approach highly motivating to our workforce, while it also enhances equitable relationships with clients.

We offer design build general contracting, pre-construction planning and comprehensive project management services, including the planning and scheduling of manpower, equipment, materials and subcontractors required to execute major projects. We also offer self-performed construction services including excavation, concrete forming and placement, steel erection, electrical and mechanical services, plumbing and HVAC.

When the needs of Saleem Caravan began to grow as a result of multiple successfully executed projects, it was envisioned that services within the company needed to become segregated into specialized entities in order to strengthen their expertise and ability, as well as Saleem Caravan’s overall capacity.

By leveraging the growth opportunity of interdependent business units, Saleem Caravan has become the leading civil and building construction company in the Nation, with the expertise and resources to provide complete project life cycle services throughout Afghanistan. We have established a strong reputation within the market by executing large Cities projects on time and within budget while adhering to strict quality control measures and encountering zero lost time accidents or fatalities.

Saleem Caravan is 100% afghan-owned, Afghan-managed and Afghan-operated enterprise.We are proud to claim that we have guarnteed Client staisfaction level at highest rate since we were established. Saleem Caravan was the only company in Kabul who took the inititive to operate under the legal framework of Afghan Nation during the critical situations.
Completion of more than 30 huge projects since its establishment provides evidence for SC’s above-the-average performance.