Al Qasaba Project

Al Qasaba

Project Description:

In this Project Saleem Caravan Construction and Road Company has act as a contractor of Trojan General Contracting LLC (This Company is one of the very big company in UAE and Now running its projects in Afghanistan as well).

The project consists of construction of the Residential Low Cost Housing Project, located at 15th Qasaba, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The project, portion that was awarded to saleem Caravan, is defined as the design, material, labor, and equipment to construct 10 Residential Apartment buildings for the population of approximately 2000 people.

Saleem Caravan has awarded only 10 buildings (6 buildings Type A 4 buildings Type B) out of 111 buildings and self-performed only the Construction of 5 floors residential apartment buildings, Projected area of each floor of Type A is 490 and Type B is 510 respectively, of Residential Low Cost housing Project in accordance with International Building Codes (IBC) and Life Safety Codes.